Free Printable Excel Address Book Template

Excel Address Book Template

In today’s times tons of individuals don’t keep address books anymore. Who can blame them? immediately you’ll store all of your contacts on your smartphone. due to this, people don’t even bother writing on address book templates.

With your smartphone, you’ll save your contacts with different details. These include the phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.

But once you believe it, keeping an old-fashioned address book remains very practical. just in case you lose your smartphone, you’d still have a backup of all of your contacts’ information. Also, some people believe that keeping an address book may be a lot simpler.

Address books are tons cheaper than smartphones and devices. you’ll buy one and store tons of data thereon . Or, you’ll download our printable address book template and use that.

Aside from this, you’ll be ready to use the address book all the time. Unlike your smartphone, you won’t need to worry about recharging its batteries. this text is all about address book templates.

With this template you’ll save all of your adresses and phonenumbers of the people you recognize . There are a couple of benefits of getting a Excel Address book above having it on paper:

When somebody moves or changes phonenumber you’ll easily change it without making a multitude within the Address book.
If you reserve it during a place like dropbox, onedrive or googledrive you’ll Always use it on all of your devices connected to those boxes.
You can search things in several ways in Excel compared to during a ‘normal’ address book where you’ll only search a method on alphabet. In Excel you’ll search on their name, last name, telephone number , etc.

Types of address book templates
An address book contains the names and get in touch with information of individuals you recognize you’ll also use it to store an equivalent information of important people associated with your business. It’s important to save lots of and store all of your business and private contacts.

You can find an editable address book template here which you’ll use for this purpose.

You should always keep your contacts organized. you’ll categorize them consistent with their relevancy. you’ll alphabetize the order or maybe write the foremost important details at the highest .

If you don’t want to print out the templates, you’ll also store them on your computer. With such files, you’ll easily confine touch with people. you only need to ask the knowledge on the address book file. you’ll send emails easily by copying their email addresses and pasting it into your email.

Samples of Excel Address Book Template :

Example of Excel Address Book Template
Example of Excel Address Book Template
Excel Address Book Template Example
Excel Address Book Template Example
Excel Address Book Template Sample
Excel Address Book Template Sample
Sample of Excel Address Book Template
Sample of Excel Address Book Template

There are many various sorts of template you’ll create and use. All you’ve got to try to to is edit the template to fit your needs.

Some examples are:

Business address Book
Class contact list
Personal address book
Personal & address Book
Phone & address book
These are just common examples. Actually, you’ll create tons more. Whether you’ll save the file on your computer or print it out, you’ll design them however you would like.

Excel Address Book Template | download

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