Free Printable Microsoft Word Resume Template

Microsoft Word Resume Template

What is an Executive Resume?
Executive resume is typically read by the very best level of recruiters, CEOs, CFOs, Board Members, etc. In such resumes, you want to mention everything perfectly as they might want to understand how you’ll help them solve any future problems within the business and company that you simply might get hired into.

What do employers search for during a Resume?
Most of the employer search for the subsequent points during a resume:

Keyword search as they need to understand whether or not you’re qualified for the work
Adorned skills
Personal brand and online presence
Overall career progress
Having these points in your resume will most likely land you in your dream job.

What must not be included during a resume?
Do not include any personal information that must be mentioned within the resume. Only your address, email, and telephone number must be specified. skip your age, date of birth, race, sex, religion, and therefore the names of your children and spouse. The employer doesn’t got to know all this.

Writing an efficient resume is a crucial a part of your job search. it’s a tool that ought to effectively and succinctly sell you as a possible employee.
Similar to a career plan it’ll be continually updated, developed, and reviewed. There are many things to think about when writing a resume like length and format, the balance between skills, achievements, experience and private passions, your audience, and therefore the sort of roles you’re applying for. there’s no perfect format, although, in our experience, there are variety of fundamental things your resume should cover.

The first page should include a summary, almost like an executive summary. Assume the reader will only read this part. Make it easy for them to seek out the foremost important information and therefore the information which will best convey who you’re , what you would like and what you’ll offer (see our article on creating an elevator pitch). you would like to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read on. you would like to go away an impact , not only of your skills and knowledge but of your personality. you would like to be creative and demonstrate why you’re unique and every one on the primary page.

Personal details
Clearly displayed on the front page are going to be name, address, email, and get in touch with phone numbers.

Relevant education including the course, institution, and dates. If you haven’t completed a degree, confirm this is often clear. Any specific academic achievements are relevant like distinction average, GPA, and deans list.

Career summary
List in ascending order a summary of your career history including name , title, and dates.

How far back you go depends on your experience and therefore the relevance of roles at the beginning of your career to your current role. Generally speaking, the last 10 or 15 years will suffice.

Interests, personal achievements, and memberships
Insert a touch of personality on the primary page of your resume. Include your personal achievements and passions, especially if they demonstrate a number of the talents you list afterward your CV. If you’ve got climbed to the summit of Everest , played a high grade of competitive sport, or are a lively member of your area people it’s valuable information. These sorts of non-professional appointments or achievements can demonstrate leadership, drive, and teamwork.

Relevant technical skills
What you write will depend upon the industry you’re employed in. this might be best left for the top of the resume, but if you’ve got specific skills like SAP or as an example experience during a particular demand planning software, list them upfront. These skills are often vital to a possible employer.

Career history
Here you’ll clearly list the organisation you’re employed for including core business, customers, size, number of staff, brands etc. you would like to sell the organisation and make it easy for the reader to form a connection to the organisation you’re employed for. Never assume people know the organisation.

Samples of Microsoft Word Resume Template :

Example of Microsoft Word Resume Template

Example of Microsoft Word Resume Template

Microsoft Word Resume Template Example

Microsoft Word Resume Template Example

Microsoft Word Resume Template Sample

Microsoft Word Resume Template Sample

Sample of Microsoft Word Resume Template

Sample of Microsoft Word Resume Template

Define your role and bullet point an inventory of responsibilities. Include what percentage people you manage, who you report back to , revenue responsibility, and specific customers you’re liable for .

List achievements. Be specific with growth or KPIs. Use percentages and dollar figures and if it’s appropriate, include numbers in your resume that outline any success you’ve got had.

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