Free Printable Table Tent Cards

Table Tent Cards

Tent Cards (sometimes called table cards) are the right print product to showcase special menus, wifi information, table numbers, reserved seating, and more. They’re easily folded to make a 3-dimensional promotional message which will stand by itself. If you’re trying to find top quality tent card printing services for your restaurant, pub, bar, café or event venue, look no further

Types of Table Tent Templates
There are many various sorts of table tents which may be created and placed strategically to plug certain products, promotions or events. Here we’ll be browsing the foremost common sorts of templates which are used:

Tent Setup
This is the foremost basic type which is formed by correctly folding a bit of long, thick paper in order that it resembles a tent.  This is often also the foremost common type found in several establishments.

Flip Book
The structure of this is often almost like the tent setup and therefore the difference is it’s many leaves which you’ll flip to seem in the least the knowledge which is written on the pages. These types are the foremost flexible as you’d be ready to input tons of data or advertisements on them. Then all you’d need to do is place them in strategic locations and flip the pages in order that the foremost interesting one is ahead .

Framed Tent
This is a standard type wherein a frame is employed to insert a flyer or a billboard on. The frame would then act because the tent and would be tons sturdier than the template made purely from thick paper. It could even be tons more cost friendly as you’d just need to change the advertisement within the frame and print it on regular paper.

Finally, you’ll have these templates custom made up of different printing places. you’d be ready to choose the sort and elegance also because the content and therefore the design that might enter your template. this is often probably the foremost expensive type especially if you’d wish to go “all out” and have a very personalized table tent.

These are the foremost common types; however, you’ll find other differing types out there. It really depends on what you would like it for and your own personal preferences. Now let’s advance to truly making the template.

Uses of Table Tent Templates
Table tent mockups which are thought of and made creatively can have different uses. Since they’re frequently utilized in establishments which require tons of advertising, they’re usually colorful and more visual instead of containing just text, to draw in the purchasers and consumers. Here are some uses for such tools:

Promotions for Food and Beverages
Using such templates would be very effective once you are launching new food or beverages in your establishment.

Promotions for Desserts
As your customers sit right down to eat, having such a template which advertises a dessert puts the thought of it in their minds. Then, there’s a high likelihood that they might order a dessert after they need finished their meal.

Samples of Table Tent Cards :

Example of Table Tent Cards
Example of Table Tent Cards
Sample of Table Tent Cards
Sample of Table Tent Cards
Table Tent Cards Example
Table Tent Cards Example
Table Tent Cards Sample
Table Tent Cards Sample

To Advertise Events and Special Promotions
For hotels, having such a template in strategic locations would effectively spread the word about special promotions and events.

You can actually use these sorts of marketing tools to advertise or just to spread relevant information to tons more people. Not only are they easy to form they’re also simple but really effective. Now let’s advance to the various types.

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