Free Printable Project Timeline Excel Template

Project Timeline Excel Template

Professionals are often asked to organize proper timelines which are then integrated into presentations in their companies. For this purpose, they could want to use anybody of the free project timeline templates which are meant especially for workers who got to create solid and reliable timeline presentations which will not only manage to thrill the clients of the firm but also impress the management.

How to Create a Project Timeline

– Understand the scope of your project
As a marketing project manager, your project will begin with a quick to form sure that your project timeline flourishes healthily, you would like to require excellent care of those foundations.

You need to develop a transparent understanding of the brief and everything that’s required. this will take a while and need close consultation together with your client. it’s critical, though, that the project scope is as accurate and detailed as possible.

– Begin breaking the project down into smaller pieces
Now that you simply have a thought of the large picture, it’s time to concentrate and see which smaller pieces actually structure that enormous statement.

In our example, the project manager goes to coordinate the planning , development and content of a replacement blog. There are tons of moving pieces here and tons of constituent parts. The project would require for instance the subsequent parts:

A theme for the blog
Visual guidelines
Tone of voice guidelines
A content plan
Content for the blog
This will always vary consistent with the project scope statement that you simply defined, but it’s important that you simply simply believe every sub-deliverable that you will got to provide to deliver the entire .

– Explore those pieces to make tasks
Now that you simply have your sub-deliverables, it’s time to dig deeper. Let’s take the theme, for instance . Your team will need to complete the subsequent work to make that sub-deliverable:

Conduct competitor research
Brainstorming and feasibility testing
UI & UX attention
Design of wireframes
Development of the theme
Quality testing
Of course, this might vary consistent with the specifications of the project. But this provides you a thought of how you would like to start out brooding about the constituent tasks that structure the sub-deliverables. this may offer you an honest check out the iceberg resting beneath the surface, helping you to plan accurately within the following steps.

– Think about dependencies
Some tasks cannot begin until others are completed. the planning of the wireframes, for instance won’t be ready to happen until a key section of the visual guidelines has been created.

These dependencies mean that your project features a definite universe counting on the complexity of your project, though, this will become quite headache.

Once you’ve got organized which tasks got to come first, you’ll find that your timeline is starting to adopt a more conventional shape.

Samples of Project Timeline Excel Template :

Example of Project Timeline Excel Template
Example of Project Timeline Excel Template
Project Timeline Excel Template Example
Project Timeline Excel Template Example
Sample of Project Timeline Excel Template
Sample of Project Timeline Excel Template

– Calculate the time required for every task
The tasks are now during a nice neat order, but how far apart do they have to be?

You need to call upon your marketing experience to make accurate estimations for every of the tasks in your project. you would possibly find, for instance that you simply got to allow three weeks for the event of the wireframes but just a couple of days for quality testing.

As you space out the tasks on a horizontal line, you’ll begin to ascertain that you simply naturally develop an estimation for a way long a project might take. Creating accurate estimations is not any easy task, and lots of marketing project managers consult a variety of execs to urge a far better idea.

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