Free Printable Employee Feedback Form

Employee Feedback Form

Employees are one among the company’s greatest assets as they’re liable for running the business’ operations and their special skills, intelligence, and skills are where the company’s productivity lies. However, it’s important for the corporate to see their employee’s productivity and work development as all of it’ll affect the business’ performance.

Employee Information

This basic information is extremely useful when it involves organizing and documenting the employee’s feedback files. With this, it might be easier to navigate the employee’s performance feedback files.

Employee’s name
Employee’s company e-mail address
Employee’s job title
Employee’s project/department
Employee’s supervisor/manager
Date hired
Employee number
Name of the establishment

Samples of Employee Feedback Form :

Employee Feedback Form Example
Employee Feedback Form Example
Employee Feedback Form Sample
Employee Feedback Form Sample
Example of Employee Feedback Form
Example of Employee Feedback Form
Sample of Employee Feedback Form
Sample of Employee Feedback Form

Feedback Questions for the workers

In this section, this is often where the required questions are being asked and therefore the necessary response are going to be taken. It might be during a different structure, it might be in an essay form or survey type. Here are some samples of the standard questions that are indicated within the employee feedback form:

Is the employee’s performance doing well?
Did the worker suits the company’s rules?
Is the employee diligent with its attendance?
Did the worker meet the company’s expectation?
Is there any improvement within the employee’s performance?
Did the employee’s work quality passed the company’s standards?

All questions should specialise in the employee’s work performance and its development.

The employee feedback goes to be a useful gizmo to interpret the strength and weaknesses of an employee and which skills and skills must be improved.

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