Free Printable Employee Performance Review Template

Employee Performance Review Template

The employee performance review is an annual or bi-annual happening during which the worker is rated on their performance. This performance review is a component of the performance management cycle. This cycle starts with personal goal setting.

Personal goals should be aligned with team goals, which successively , should be aligned with the goals of the corporate . When this is often the case, good performance for the worker means a lift to team performance, and (in turn) alittle boost to organizational performance.

After goals are set, employees are monitored, coached, and developed.

The most formal moment during this cycle is that the performance appraisal. this is often a one-on-one meeting with the worker and their supervisor. During this meeting, which usually happens once or twice a year, the worker is appraised.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines appraisal as “the act of examining someone (…) so as to guage their qualities, success, or needs”. this is often what the performance appraisal is all about. However, managers often struggle to appraise employees. this is often where the worker performance review template comes in. within the next section, i will be able to propose the 2 commonest ways to live performance and include a performance review template so you’ll use them in your work, either as an HR professional or manager.

There are three common ways to live performance. the primary approach lets the manager rate employee behaviors supported variety of pre-defined questions. this is often the simplest approach. within the second approach, specific competencies are assessed supported specific behaviors – again by the manager. within the third approach, peers rate the individual. this is often often mentioned as 360-degree appraisal.

Job Performance scale
Not every job has clearly set competencies. But we wouldn’t be AIHR Digital if we wouldn’t offer you the scientifically proven example questions that you simply can use during your performance appraisal. When it involves job performance, there are several recommended questions.
Employee achieves the objectives of the work .
Employee meets criteria for performance.
Employee fulfills all the wants of the work .

Job behaviors scale
These behaviors, also called extra-role behaviors, are measured using the subsequent questions.
Employee helps other employees with their work once they are absent.
Employee helps others when their workload increases (assists others until they recover from the hurdles)
Employee volunteers to try to to things not formally required by the work .

Measuring performance using 360 appraisal
360 feedback may be a peer-feedback system during which the manager, direct reports, customers, and peers of an employee give input on his/her performance. this is often a really balanced approach because the employee is assessed from multiple perspectives.

A performance review template would look almost like those above, on the other hand with multiple different raters, and thus more feedback. However, there are some drawbacks to the present approach.

Samples of Employee Performance Review Template :

Employee Performance Review Template Example
Employee Performance Review Template Example
Employee Performance Review Template Sample
Employee Performance Review Template Sample
Example of Employee Performance Review Template
Example of Employee Performance Review Template
Sample of Employee Performance Review Template
Sample of Employee Performance Review Template


During this article, we’ve listed the simplest practices and offered both a generic template and a template supported competencies. Selecting the proper competencies is vital , as performance reviews aim to enhance performance. this suggests that performance reviews will only be helpful if improvement within the competencies that are reviewed will cause better business outcomes.

Employee Performance Review Template | Excel download

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