Free Printable Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

There are debates around employee evaluations and a few say it’s time to place an end thereto . But, while big companies like Adobe have abolished the normal rating-based performance reviews, 69% of companies still conduct annual or semi-annual employee evaluation in one form or another.

To make sure we’re on an equivalent page—employee evaluation is that the assessment and review of a worker’s job performance. Most companies conduct performance evaluations at specific time intervals (usually once or twice a year).

Whether you select to offer and receive employee feedback via email, paper or a one-on-one conversation, you’ll still got to prepare employee evaluation forms. The format and content may vary greatly, counting on your particular situation and intentions.

In this article, we’ll explore the most considerations and best practices in preparing forms for performance appraisals. If you would like to, you’ll skip on to the worker review templates.

Why Use Employee Evaluation Forms?
Remind workers what their managers expect within the workplace
Provide useful feedback about job performance
Inform employment decisions like promotions, pay raises, and layoffs
Understand employee strengths and weaknesses
Plan employee training and development programs
Set performance goals and standards
Understand what tools employees got to achieve their job responsibilities
Inform recognition and reward
Identify highly proficient workers with leadership potential

What to incorporate in an Employee Evaluation Form?
Employee and reviewer information
The form must have basic information about both parties involved. This includes but not limited to:

Employee Name
Employee ID
Position Held
Reviewer Name
Reviewer Title

Review period
Employee review forms should specify the review period and therefore the date the evaluation was held. this is often to work out the progress of the worker since the last time he or she has been assessed.

Samples of Employee Performance Evaluation Form :

Employee Performance Evaluation Form Example
Employee Performance Evaluation Form Example
Employee Performance Evaluation Form Sample
Employee Performance Evaluation Form Sample
Example of Employee Performance Evaluation Form
Example of Employee Performance Evaluation Form
Sample of Employee Performance Evaluation Form
Sample of Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Tips for Employee Evaluation Form
Designing an employee evaluation form are often quite taxing. However, with a couple of tips in tow, the task are often a tad simplified. So, here are a couple of tips that might make the entire ordeal easier for you.

Opt for an easy design.
The sections should follow a particular sequence as this is able to maintain the flow of the evaluation
Make sure that you simply simply have all the knowledge in handy that you would wish for the evaluation and make the segments accordingly.
Customize the forms depending upon the character of the work and therefore the designation of the worker .
There should be enough space for including suggestions and feedback.
Open ended questions within the form would encourage the workers to think and open up.

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